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*Use these babies to your advantage! They should be flexible enough for you to organize information in any way. Hopefully. Of course, <em>, <strong>, and <br /> still work as well!

<h1>Header</h1> Produces:


<h2>Header</h2> Produces:


<h3><span>2009</span> Header</h3> Produces:

2009 Header

*Note: <h3> is designed to always feature a <span>. Otherwise, it looks like this:

Header (without <span> element)

<h4>Header</h4> Produces:


1) Line 1 should be: <?php $navigation="<a href=\"index.php\">News</a>"; ?>
*This is the navigation strip at the tope of the page; be sure to change the address (index.php in this case) and the title of the link (News in this case) to the appropriate section. ALSO, you'll notice that quotation marks have a \ before them. Don't forget them or the PHP will break.
*If you're on a page within a section (for example, the nightlike page within the Artists section), use this code to make the double arrow symbol: &#187;. *If you're having trouble understanding, view the source of nightlike.php.

2) Line 2 should be: <?php $page="discography"; include("header.php"); ?>
*Be sure to change discography to whatever section the page is in (either news, artists, discography, downloads, store, or about). This affects the colors used on the page.
*If you are on a page within a section, you still only need the section (again, view the source of nightlike.php if you're unsure what I mean).

3) Line 3 depends on what kind of page you want. If you want the content to take up the full width of the box, line 3 should be: <div id="content-whole>.
3) If you want ads, you should FIRST put: <div id="content-right"><img src="ad1.jpg" /></div> and then put <div id="content-left"> on the line below.

*If you ever decide to change the colors of the layout, you'll have to edit the following files: all.css, news.css, artists.css, discography.css, downloads.css, store.css, and about.css.

1) all.css affects the hover colors of the navigation. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the file and change the colors (I have put a comment directly above them so you'll know what to edit). In total, you should have pasted in six new color codes if you did it correctly.

2) The remaining .css files affect the colors of the layout (i.e., the border at the top of the page, the color that in-text links turn when you hover over them, etc.). You only need to edit the colors at the top of the .css file, but nothing below (again, I left a comment so you'll be able to figure it out). In total, you should have pasted the new color code into each .css file three times if you did it correctly.

P.S. -
*Obviously, a lot of the stuff I did is for testing purposes. I expect you to delete the information on every page and add whatever you want.
*I also expect you to want different ads. SO, feel free to delete ad1.jpg, ad2.jpg, ad3.jpg and tell me what you'd like me to make for you instead (you can have as many as you want~ it shouldn't break the layout).
*You'll probably want to delete picopico1.jpg and picopico2.jpg, nightlike.jpg, and nightlike.php. I suggest keeping a copy of picopicoseitokai.php (maybe put it a folder called Backup?), just because it has an example of lots of stuff.

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